Mia ist da...!



Hi Everyone! Most of you know already that Mia did arrived on Monday. Just to let you know about an update on her. We are still in the hospital to get everything stated the right way. Mama and Mia are doing well and we expect both to come home by today or Sunday. But as the hospital is a very good one, we are not in a hurry. So if there is something left to do, we stay one day longer… -;) Someone changed a little our house to night that made me smiling very brightly.

Yali Mia and me are very thankful for that!

Mia is already now a beauty:

Next update will come soon!


Michael w/ Yali & Mia

Last Update - Mission completed. ;-)

Today we arrived at home. With this our Mission to bring our Mia home for a good start has been completed.

We like to thank you very much for your attention and the warm welcome we got from all of you!

Best Regards,

Michael w/ Yali & Mia